Private Mentoring


An Integral Approach To Evolving Into Our Unique Self

To live an integral life is to SEE all things, all events, all conditions, all experiences from a broader awareness and to embody and live from that awareness. When we do, we begin to live an awakened life which allows us to approach challenges with more clarity, centeredness and truth.

While there are many techniques and systems out there that claim to be the answer, the integral perspective would say that there is no single way that is better than another. Rather, we need to practice seeing, thinking, being and acting on multiple levels.

There are relatively speaking, few people who know about and practice an integral way of living. Once you learn the maps of integral living and begin engaging in key integral practices you will experience profound insights, radical breakthroughs and quantum leaps in all areas of your life.

My clients unanimously experience rapid acceleration in their personal and spiritual growth once we begin the process of mentorship.

Interested in mentorship? I work with a small group of private clients each year.
Mentorship is a significant investment, one that will radically transform your life.
Private mentoring might be right for you if:

  • You’re ready and willing to play at a higher level
  • You want personalized, one on one attention
  • You want to be mentored by someone who won’t let you off the hook
  • You’re ready to take responsibility for the results you’re getting in life

Your Next Step: A Discovery Session

If you want to explore the possibility of mentorship, your next step is to schedule a free 40 minute discovery session. This session will give us the opportunity to connect and to clarify where you’re at and to decide if you’re ready to commit to the beautiful journey of mentorship together.

Please set an appointment for a day and time that work for you in the scheduler below.