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Lisa Engles is an evolutionary entrepreneur, consultant, mentor, and speaker.

She is the founder InnerState Coaching where she works with people who are waking up and changing the world.  Lisa is committed to being in service to the emergence of a new humanity, one in which each of us lives an expanded life and a freer future.

Lisa is committed to using her gifts of connecting and communicating to reach a world-wide audience through her google hangouts: The Power of Practice and Hangouts with Visionary Leaders.  She believes that humanity is collectively experiencing the symptoms of awakening but is largely unaware of how to navigate through the turmoil and upheavals.  Her hangouts address the inherent challenges and opportunities of the consciousness shift while also offering innovative ideas and practical resources and tools for the journey.

Lisa has mastered the art of creating deep and authentic levels of connection with her audience and has been called a pioneer and innovator in harnessing digital potential in service to human and social potential.  With over 20 years of coaching and mentoring experience, Lisa is known for her compassionate, creative and intuitive abilities.  She is the creator of The Awakened Leader mentorship and Hangout Strategies for Visionary Leaders program. She is also the author of Breathe Run Breathe: Ancient Breathing Secrets To Turn Your Daily Run Into An Effortless, Revitalizing and Mindful Practice and the creator of the Breathe Run Breathe program.

Her clients include:

  • EMERGING VISIONARY LEADERS, CONSCIOUS ENTREPRENEURS AND CHANGE-MAKERS who are looking for an evolutionary approach to their online marketing efforts so that they can build an international following and serve the awakening of human, social and planetary potential.
  • STRESSED-OUT GEN X’ers who are in search for a more livable life.
  • ASSOCIATIONS AND GROUPS who are interested in keynote speaking and presentations on mind body health and well being at their next conference.